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Dutch DJ BURNR has taken the world by surprise. The 24- year-old producer is one of the
newest additions to the fine list of prominent Dutch DJs. His style is marked by the
combination of pure tones with firm underground influences. His tracks are full of energy,
with a solid sound and positive vibes. From festivals to clubs, the BURNR sound will take
you on an unforgettable musical journey, an experience like no other.
Even though he is only 24 years of age: producing is a second home for him. The passion
for music started when he was only 10 years old. The foundation of his unique sound was
built from his room. Here young BURNR would spend hours creating music. Captivated by
the sound of Animals, by Martin Garrix, house music became his inspiration. Driven by
passion and unable to get music out of his mind BURNR attended the Dutch Pop Academy
With his first release ‘Move’ on the French label: Unity Group, the world is finally introduced
to the sound of BURNR. Mark our words: this journey is just starting. 2022 will be filled with
more outstanding good music. Are you ready for take-off ?!